Encrypt. Manage. Share.

The most modern and most secure personal information storage service.

Cyphrd is for you and your team.

Built strong

Security through and through. We build our encryption strong. Want to put us to the test? Hack us. Go on, try it. If you succeed we'll reward you greatly. Not sure how to hack us, but still interested in our specs, read them here.


Our service is complete with web browser plugins and mobile-friendly websites. You can easily access your data where and when you need it, securely, but easily.

Storage variety

Unlike existing online password storage services, we do not restrict the type of information you store. As users of our own service, we have introduced the ability to store secure contact profiles, bank information, notes and documents.


We're aware that true security is more than just encryption, which is why we do not restrict your access to your account in any way. Our service is open, meaning you can write applications to easily interact with your data, you can export your data at any time, and you can delete your account entirely at any time.

Multi-factor support

We support multi-factor authentication in favor of disposable logins as it's convenient and more secure. Use your smart phone or e-mail account as a secondary step to logging into your account on new devices and networks.

Password generation

Easily generate extremely secure passwords on the fly, and automatically fill out registration forms with your stored profiles and a unique password.

Automatic form filling

Automatically fill in login, billing and personal information forms on almost any website. Our easy to use plugins and bookmarklet enables easy use of your secure data.

Sharing done right

Securely share your sensitive data with anyone. It's secure for you, and easy for them, we don't require them to have an account on Cyphrd.

Security at every step

Your information in encrypted locally on your device. It is then encrypted again, and then passed over SSL (and thereby encrypted again), we then encrypt your data with an entry-specific key before storing it in a database. Oh, and our hard drives are also encrypted.

No backdoors

Some new privacy laws are demanding backdoors to encrypted user information. We are guaranteeing our customers we will not add in backdoors.

Ad-free, always

We don't have ads, ever, even if you're a free user we won't bloat your experience.


Our encryption library is open source, to be improved upon by anyone and can used to add security to any service.

Constant protection

Our service is monitored and contains a vast array of resources to protect your data and your privacy.